Clearbra Car Protect Film on the Eastside in Bellevue, Kirkland & Redmond

Some questions on Clearbra also known as Car Protect Film can arise in the research phase of searching out a capable Paint Protection Film or 3M Scotchgard shop in the area.  As with any service the length a shop has been located in Bellevue is a consideration- we are proud to have served Bellevue for over 15 years strong.  Google, Yelp, Facebook and Twitter searches should show a shop’s performance potential.  

Another consideration should be length of experience of installers- 8 & 12 years applying PPF describes our current Clear Shield crew.  Still another concern is film selection: we proudly offer the industry’s only automotive clear-coated (acrylic enamel) product- 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film.  

It performs flawlessly w/simple care,  just wax it like you do your car.  ’Self-healing’ polyurethane fims are a popular topic these days on the car blogs- we carry and/or have access to 3M Ventureshield, Xpel Ultimate, Llumar, Avery NanoFusion, Solargard Clearshield & Sherwin Shield Premier. These films are ‘top-coated’, also known as ‘hard-coated’.  (Contrary to some current marketing campaigns all aliphatic polyurethanes ‘self-heal’). Some are more durable than others, some look smoother &/or clearer than others, some resist bugs & stains more than others, some resist hard water spots better than others, etc.  

Clean, treat and condition your personal film choice w/care to protect your car’s film & ensure your Clearbra gleams as long as your ownership experience… (And as always please call or email w/questions or for an appointment, we’ll do our best to serve your needs).